Cosmetics are a category of health and beauty products that are used to care for the face and body , or used to change a person's appearance.Mostly people take cosmetics only as makeup but cosmetics contains a number of products used for skin care and products to add fragrance.There are many types of products that come under cosmetics which have different purposes.

Some products that are named as "personal care products" are cosmetics.Some things other than makeup which come under cosmetics are skin moisturizers,perfumes,shampoos , toothpastes,deodorants,hair colors,sunscreens,mouthwashes,creams,facewashes etc.

Cosmetics mainly contains everything that can help our skin become fresh and healthy.But using too much cosmetics on our body can be harmful as cosmetic's every product is made up of chemicals that shouldn't be used alot.Consequences of using too much cosmetics is that we could get acne,permenant dark circles,pores,skin allergies,skin diseases etc.

We should use cosmetics at a right age for not facing bad impacts on our skin and should always use limited amount of cosmetics to keep our skin always glowing .

Author by : Mariam A.





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